F. A.Q

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Where do I find the registration for Baptism?

Baptism Registration for The Way of the Holy Family formation program provided by St. Philip Institute can be found by clicking here.

The forms that your parish needs to baptize your child can be found by clicking here.

Where do I purchase The Way of the Holy Family materials?

You can purchase The Way of the Holy Family booklet at our store on the St. Philip Institute website at this link: https://stphilipinstitute.org/store/category/19-the-way-of-the-holy-family-formation-for-the-sacrament-of-baptism

Who do I contact for help?

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance! For questions, comments, or concerns about any of The Way of the Holy Family material, contact msciba@stphilipinstitute.org

What is the St. Philip Institute?

We are an organization founded by Bishop Joseph Strickland to provide the parishes of the Diocese with the materials, expertise, and support needed to perform ministry in accordance to our founding Constitution. Being Catholic is a gift, one we are called to share with all of those around us. If we wish to bring more people to the knowledge of Christ, we must first understand the relevance and importance of Christ’s teachings, starting at the base level of the catechism. We have more information at https://www.stphilipinstitute.org/